Sevakshetra Hospital

A unit of Canara Bank Relief
& Welfare Society

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CSR Activities

Activities of Canara Bank Relief & Welfare Society

Sevakshetra hospital and Mathruchhaya are the two wings of the Society. The CSR activities are conducted by Mathruchhaya.

Activities of Mathruchhaya are as follows

Foundling Home - Care, Compassion and Rehabilitation of young, displaced, abandoned, destitute and orphan children. Giving Children in adoption to willing and able families (India and Abroad). This offers permanent family care, love and affection.
Day Care Centre - Taking care of employees children during day time - a goodwill gesture (conducting pre-school classes, Teaching arts and crafts).
Education Sponsorship - Enabling education with financial support for economically needy, meritorious children (basic schooling as well as higher studies).
Community Programmes - Product Exhibitions of Women Enterpreneurs / Blood donation camps, Eye check-up camps.
Home for Elders - Fulfilling the need for a safe and satisfying accommodation with good community life - for senior citizens in the evening of their lives.
Geriatric Care Centre - Short-term and long-term care facilities for the aged and sick-assisted with medical care.
Home Health Care - Providing trained women (caretakers) for looking after the aged and sick in their homes.
Braille Resource Centre - Extending support fo the visually impaired.